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Brand: IN WIN
PS201 / 6125688|Desktop|300 Вт|Размер 280 x 92.5 x 290mmХарактеристика ЗначениеDescription Powerman PS201Vendor HomepageМодель PS201Тип корпуса DesktopМощность 300.00Диапазон мощности, Вт 251 - 4003.5" Internal 1.00Аудио вход 1.00Микроф..
Brand: IN WIN
BL641|Desktop|300 Вт|Tool-free|Размер 330 x 96 x 365 mmХарактеристика ЗначениеDescription A small 11.5L SFF chassis with optimal thermal and acoustic performance without additional system fan.The innovative partition plate cooling technology (PPCT) maximizes performance while providing a quiet..
Brand: IN WIN
EFS052|MiniTower|500 Вт|Tool-free|Optional 90mm front and rear fans|Размер 350 x 170 x 360 mmХарактеристика ЗначениеDescription EFS052 Mini Tower ChassisSupports up to 7 drive bays, one-touch removal side panel, tool-free design for ODD/FDD/HDD and PCI-E slots, vastly increasing the ease of ..
Brand: IN WIN
EC027U3|MidiTower|450 Вт|Размер 406 x 180 x 420 mmХарактеристика ЗначениеDescriptionVendor HomepageМодель EC027U3Тип корпуса MidiTowerМощность 450.00ATX даMicroATX даTool-free нет3.5" Internal 5.003.5" External 1.005.25" External 3.00Наличие ..
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